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Remind Insoles - CUSH HEEL BRUISE - Alternative PictureRemind Insoles - CUSH HEEL BRUISE - Alternative PictureRemind Insoles - CUSH HEEL BRUISE - Alternative Picture
Remind Insoles - CUSH HEEL BRUISE
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The Cush was the first self-forming orthotic insole to fill the void in the skateboarding and snowboarding industries pioneering the path for foot body health, longevity, and awareness. With it’s biomechanical and anatomical engineered design to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance, and heightened balance and stability. The Cush is built with the highest quality of materials for heavy impact absorption and abuse. It’s self-forming capability makes it ready to go out of the box and and will mold to your specific foot and arch shape hassle free with no need for any type of molding process.

Extremely durable anti-microbial foam, engineered for proper rebound and shock absorption, provides superb cushioning, even pressure point distribution, and molds to specific foot details
Bladder construction filled with self-forming foam and "BLUE MAGIC" foam, for high impact protection, proper anatomical alignment, bone and joint stacking system for performance enhancing, strengthening, joint pressure relief
Deep heel-seat constructed with a 2-foam layer "BLUE MAGIC" foam system that provides ultimate absorption, protects the heel against shock impacts, heel bruising, and offers proper rebound for explosive quickness, balance, and stability.
Anti-microbial anti-friction system that reduces hot spots, keeps feet cool, dry, and odorless, excellent foot grip for enhanced control and stability