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posted on August 29, 2012

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It’s no secret that shredding all day takes a toll on your feet. From lack of circulation to discomfort and cramping; not missing a pow turn because your feet hurt seems like some kind of college science experiment, and we all know how that class turned out. When we strapped on the new Remind Insoles this past winter we were pleasantly surprised to find out that someone else took that class for us.

Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, John Makens took 30 years of bio-mechanical engineering, a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding and created an insole with one goal in mind - to live the dream a little less painfully.  The idea is to prolong the health and longevity for skateboarders and snowboarders by promoting care and awareness of the feet.

But don’t take our word for it, with team riders like Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter and Kevin Jones just on the snowboard side, you know they are doing something right. “I spent years trying to find a solution to make my feet happy,” says Travis Rice. “The Cush has ended that search! Tried and true, Remind reigns supreme.”

Remind offers three different custom insoles: The Cush, The Medic and The Remedy – all three with an anti-microbial fabric to keep your feet cool, dry and happy.

The Remedy offers a self-molding, tri-foam deep heal seat construction for high impact absorption and protection. Recommended for those in need of high arch support, The Remedy utilizes a semi-rigid insert to support and flex with the foot’s natural movements.

Rocking Remind’s new Blue Magic Protection throughout the entire insole, The Medic is for those who like to go big. If you’re dropping huge cliffs, Blue Magic absorbs the heaviest of shock impacts to help protect the heel and forefoot from bruising and injury without ever packing out.

Lastly, Remind offers The Cush, a self-molding insole that utilizes a deep heel seat with Blue Magic that’s ready to go right out of the box; no need for a custom molding process. The Blue Magic absorbs heavy impacts while the self-forming arch molds to your specific foot and arch shape to keep your feet and body aligned.

One last thing to remember: when you use a custom insole your foot is placed back in its normal position as if no weight was on it. Meaning you might need a boot about a half size smaller.

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Category: Product Review
posted on August 21, 2012

Remind Introduces ‘SOLUTION’ Boot Liner for Longer Lasting, Better Fitting and Next Level Boot Performance

Remind Insoles’ SOLUTION Snowboard Boot Liner in stores September 2012

San Diego, CA (August 21, 2012) – Remind Insoles introduces a new SOLUTION to help snowboarders live the dream longer and less painfully while enhancing performance. This first ever, after-market snowboard boot liner is available at snowboard shops starting this fall.

Remind’s snow team, including iconic snowboarders Travis Rice, who introduced his promodel Remind Remedy this spring, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter and Kevin Jones along with up-and-comer Blake Paul, tested out the liners through a gamut of abuse over three years and 6 million vertical feet. Remind SOLUTION Liners are constructed with premium layers of foam that work together to eliminate pressure points, maintain proper anatomical support and flex.

“This is the most durable liner on the market,” says John Makens, president of Remind Insoles. “No corners have been cut in developing materials or designing the anatomical fit. We look forward to working with snowboard shops this fall to fit more riders to proper boot liners as winter rolls back in.”

The SOLUTION is built around a natural anatomical shape with mold-ability that secures the foot and ankle while allowing flex for natural movement. A roomy forefoot area allows a rider to gain more balance and stability, joined with a tighter rear foot area for security and support is the perfect formula for natural feel. The liner thickens above the heel to add a nice heel hold down paired with an aggressive ankle arch and heel contour.

Built to last for years, the SOLUTION liner resists damage from rivets that are internally exposed on boot shells and interior wear. Depending on the day and terrain, the Solution adjusts to allow for a softer or stiffer flex.

Natural Anatomical Shape And Flex: Bio-mechanically engineered for proper anatomical alignment and perfect flex with the foot and ankle’s natural mechanical movements with the right amount of support needed.

Thermo-Molding Trio Foam System: Extremely durable anti-microbial three-foam system, engineered for proper density, rebound and shock absorption, provides superb cushioning, even pressure point distribution and molds to specific foot details. Equipped with BLUE MAGIC for zero pack out and ultimate shock absorption.

ZERO Pack Out Blue Magic Foam: Blue Magic is a state-of-the-art, high-impact protective, smart foam able to endure heavy shock impacts and transform its character to absorb and distribute energy predominantly reducing impact while keeping its original cushy soft foam state without ever packing out. Blue Magic is more protective, comfortable and outperforms traditional inferior foams used in the market.


Shock absorbing technology

Natural anatomical shape

Sock like fit

Lacing system

Velcro Tongue

Anti pressure point

Zero pack out


Remind Insole Included

In specialty retail starting: September 2012

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